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Beat Those Summer BLAHS!

Summertime is hereeee!!

Santa Barbara is my happy place.

Which of these sounds more fun? Pool time, outdoor play dates, picnics, movies to beat the heat, sipping cold rose on a warm Summer night, or sweating it out at the gym... eh? eh?!


So, needless to say everyone I work with has a little trouble staying motivated in the Summer. (Even me, especially me!)

The way I see it, you can either kiss Summer goodbye with that familiar "I gotta get back in shape" feeling come Fall, OR you can spend it soaking in the rays and taking full advantage of everything Summer has to offer.

Don't get me wrong, I am the first person to raise her hand for backyard cocktails, balance is a beautiful thing. One of my favorite Summers to date was the first that I learned about the free outdoor lap swimming in New York City. Total. Game. Changer.

Sure, if you're looking for some "weight loss motivation" you could always tape a bikini photo to your fridge... but that makes for reeaaally awkward conversation with impromptu guests. Also, let's keep our fridges for storing our food, not insecurities.

Let's get moving, momma!

Here are some quick tips to help you stay on top of your workouts that actually work.

1. Take Advantage of Beautiful Weather!

Think of all those times you wanted to go for a run, bike, swim outside and the weather was crap. Now is the time to get moving outside! Bring the kiddos for a bike ride, schedule a stroller date with another mom, swim some laps in an outdoor pool, or bring the dumbbells outside. Use the weather to make your workouts exciting, you'll be more likely to actually do them!

2. Change Your Schedule, and Stick With It

If it's too hot for your afternoon walks, start them earlier or save them for later... but you have to stick with your new schedule. Waking up early can really suck if you're not a morning person, and evening workouts can easily get passed over for better plans. Give yourself a two-week grace period to make your new schedule stick. As in, really commit for these first two weeks. No sleeping in, no bailing last minute, no excuses.

If you find it too inconvenient, try another time. You might just create a new routine that you really love!

3. Learn a New Skill

Check out your local recreation centers and take advantage of Summer programming. Local pools usually offer masters swim programs for adults, take up tennis/ golf/ capture the flag, etc. (Yes this is also the BEST time to start an outdoor bootcamp program!) You'll stay super active, with or without the kids. Plus, those am workouts will help you perform better, prevent injury, and increase your overall confidence.

4. Enlist the Troops

If you're traveling or stay-cationing this Summer, create a fit-focused plan that your whole family can enjoy. Search for destination 5Ks, cool family-friendly hikes, kayak tours, etc that you can enjoy on your trip, and train for them the weeks leading up to it. The older kids will learn the importance of training, you'll be motivated to stick with your workouts, and you'll enjoy a family activity.

Have any other suggestions? Please share them below. In the meantime, have a killer Summer, you beautiful badass!

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