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Online Training Questions 


Do we need to be in the same timezone?

  • No! I work with clients all over the globe. We will find a time that works for everyone, generally sessions take 20-40 minutes.


Do I need to bring anything to my training session? 


  • Water, a yoga mat, and a towel. 


Do I need a home gym in order for you to train me? 


  • No- I provide all the required equipment. If you have 6 feet of space I can get you an awesome and effective workout! 


What should I prepare in advance? 


  • You will need to complete a quick online survey that describes what your goals and needs are, along with a medical release form. 

  • Pregnant and post-natal clients less than 2 months from delivery will need to provide a Physician's consent form before we begin


I have injuries- can I still workout with you? 


  • Yes. 90% of my clients have come to me with injuries, medical complications, and all kinds of aches and pains. We can discuss these beforehand so you feel 100% confident that I can still get you the results you want. 



Do you offer split payments? 


  • Yes. I can split all packages to be paid within 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on the package size


Do you offer refunds? 

  • No- but you can transfer sessions to a friend for no cost at all to you and your friend


Can I pay you by check? 

  • You may pay by check after you have completed 1 package cycle either by cash or credit card.


Do you offer nutritional counseling?

  • Currently no, but I can refer you to someone who can.

  • It is not within my scope of practice to prescribe diets- I am certified in Postpartum Nutrition and can make recommendations for the general population. Please do not follow meal plans and take any supplements from anyone other than a licensed medical professional.


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Site Answers

Pregnancy Fitness Questions


For the basics and trimester guide: 



I just found out I'm pregnant- can I start training or taking classes or do I need to wait? 


  • Well, first of all congratulations :) 


  • Before you begin anything (and you should expect to be told this a LOT for the next 9 months) you will want to check with your doctor


  • If you were active before you got pregnant- most likely your doctor will highly recommend you continue exercising on a modified exercise routine

  • (More on this in the GUIDE


  • Higher-risk pregnancies (extreme cases, InVitro etc) tend to get some recommended bedrest for the first trimester. Check with your doctor... 


Can I train online while pregnant? 


Absolutely. Go HERE for more information


Can I do anything my doctor tells me not to?


  • NO. 


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PostPartum Fitness Questions


(For sample workouts and more info click here) 


I just had a baby.... when can I start exercising again? 


  • Well, first of all congratulations :) 


  • For a Vaginal birth:

  • Most likely your doctor will recommend 4-6 weeks. If there were any complications during delivery or tearing, it may take longer.


  • For a C-Section: 

  • You may need 6-8 weeks. Again, your doctor will need to clear you for exercise, so just wait until you have the go-ahead


  • For Both: 

  • You will most likely be extremely tired with a compromised core. If you're up for it you can take walks, do the pelvic floor exercises we did during pregnancy, and take after your little one. 



Can I continue to Breastfeed if I want to begin training?


Yes. I fully intend to write an AMAZINGLY EPIC blog post just on this... but for now I'll just leave this here: 


1. You will want to pump or feed before your session


2. Please seek the recommendation of an IBCLC (I am happy to recommend several who also work online- contact me here) for help with breastfeeding/ pumping. Your milk supply is often a result of hydration and nutrition, do not diet and please drink water before, during, and after exercising.


3. You would not be the first to double up on sports bras or wear additional nipple coverage to reduce chafing. 


4. Jogging, plyometric exercises, jumping, etc might be extremely uncomfortable. Modify!


Can I do anything my doctor tells me not to?


  • NO. 


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