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Share me for an hour: 


Just kidding. 


All sessions will be conducted online until further notice. I will be happy to accommodate your team via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. Please contact me via the link below to set up a complimentary consultation. 


Click to check availability


This is a great way to get the encouragement and motivation of a class while still getting my special attention. 


I will create a workout that addresses everyone's individual needs and whip everyone into their best shape. We will train together as a group at a time and location that works for everyone. My experience instructing thousands of women will push you to your max while keeping proper form and addressing any injuries.


You will also get complete access to my library of bonus materials, including: 


  • Complimentary 20-30 minute Facetime, Skype, or audio call pre-session call per student


  • Nutritional support 


  • Email and text support 

Not what you're looking for?


Here's How it Works: 


1. Contact Me with 3 Desired Times and Locations for Your Group. ​I try to work around everyone's schedules.


      * Small-Group Training is Capped at 5 People


      * Your Location Must be in the Denver Metro Area


      * Kids are Welcome to Join- but I do not Currently         Provide Babysitting Services


2. Purchase Your Desired Session Package Online 

(I also accept Venmo for small groups)


3. I will confirm our session via email


4. All members of your group will complete a brief health questionnaire and goal-setting survey online


5. I show up at the confirmed time and location with all the equipment your group will need. The only things you will need to bring are a Yoga mat, water, and a towel.


6.  We Train as a group based on what your individual goals and needs are. Members of your group will have the option of completing a small baseline assessment where I take measurements, guide you through a functional movement screen, and set personalized goals that I can work with you on so you all get the most benefit from our sessions together. 


7. Every group member still receives all of the awesome tools that my private clients get 







Bonus Materials Include:

(but are not limited to)


  • Additional workout videos


  • Nutritional support


  • Email and text support


  • 20% off downloadable programs and additional training  




"Sarah Ann is a fantastic trainer... I can honestly say that she is one of the best trainers I've with whom I've worked."

-Aditi G

As a member of a small group you will be given Complimentary access to all of these, and additional materials will be created for you if you need additional support. 

"My Mommy & Me group started training with Sarah Ann and I've never been happier.


I feel like I'm working exactly what I need to be working and I'm so motivated by training with my friends!" - D. 

Want all of this but don't live in LA?
Check out my online training options 
Want more attention?
Check out my personal training options 

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