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my mommas are saying:

my mommas are saying:

After 3 weeks- I feel stronger and my clothes fit better. I'm already seeing definition in my legs. I love mixing it up and doing workouts that don't require any weight so I can do them anytime, anywhere!

my mommas are saying:

my mommas are saying:

My first workout with Sarah Ann was the best I'd had all year. (With consistent training) I see more definition in my arms and legs, and I feel stronger and toned in my lower abs. Less to pinch!

my small group is saying:

my small group is saying:

It's been only 1 month and already I feel so much better! I lost 9lbs, everything fits better, and it's so good to see things coming along for once. I love that it never gets stagnant- I'm never bored because we do different things and Sarah Ann keeps me motivated!

My students are saying:

My students are saying:

"The perfect start to the week! Sarah Ann is uplifting and motivating!"- Rosie

"Don't let that sweet face fool you! Sarah Ann is serious about helping you reach your goals and getting results. She makes working out fun even as she pushes you to work harder. It almost doesn't feel like you're working out -- though you will feel it a good way!" - Beth G.

My students are saying:

My students are saying:

"Sarah Ann motivates me to push when I think I can't do more. My arms have never looked better!" - Jenny H

My students are saying:

My students are saying:

"Her classes are everything I need to stay motivated and in great shape. She's the best part of my day!" - Julie B

Check out what my clients are saying: 

"I've had the privilege and pleasure of training with Sarah Ann for the past 1&1/2 years. She is absolutely everything you look for in a trainer: patient, knowledgeable, motivating, flexible, and caring. She's there to push you past your comfort zone and show you what your body is capable of. She's your personal cheerleader pushing you to keep going and do your best.


Sarah Ann is extremely knowledgable and can modify your training plan too accommodate any injuries (even on the spot). I sustained a major wrist injury that took about a year to recover and during that time Sarah Ann came up with new ways of training my upper body so I wouldn't lose the progress I had made. Since I've started training with her I've seen how much stronger my body is getting and I couldn't be happier. 


What makes Sarah Ann an amazing trainer is that  you can see that she truly cares and is fully invested in the success of her clients.  Your success is her success and that makes training with her such a joy. "

-Marlesa G. 

"absolutely everything you look for in a trainer: patient, knowledgeable, motivating, flexible, and caring"

“If you've struggled to find a program that fits into your schedule or needs, then this is the option to try."

I wanted to lose weight and start working out regularly again and these workouts have fit perfectly into my days that are already busy and are completely custom to fit my goals.  I would also say how much I love the frequent check-ins and how flexible everything is. The weekly accountability calls are helpful; I love how Sarah Ann keeps my goals in mind — like that I'd like to get back to running again someday. I had written that off as impossible in my post-partum life, but after three months I can already feel that Sarah Ann's workouts are preparing me for being able to take morning jogs again. I can't wait!

Sarah Ann is an absolutely awesome trainer, and her program is perfect for busy moms (or anyone who wants to work out but hasn't been able to fit exercise into the day). She's super easy to work with, checks in often and responds quickly to questions and feedback about how workouts go. 


This is by far one of the best investments I've made in my health.

 I can't recommend Sarah Ann enough!

- Becky Bowman

"Sarah Ann is a kind and patient instructor. I have been taking group fitness classes with her twice a week for the past year, and continue to come back each week as I love her method of teaching.  Her approach to group fitnesses includes a constantly changing combination of cardio, core/stability training, and full body muscle building – allowing different modifications for every fitness level.  Her classes are fun and upbeat and I always leave feeling like I got a great workout in (and am sore for days after!) She is a friendly instructor who is genuinely happy to work with people on their fitness goals and offer her professional expertise and advise to help you get the most out of your workout and train the muscles that you personally want to focus on.  From taking Sarah Ann’s classes, I have seen a drastic change in my muscle toning, my balance and stability, and my stamina. I would highly recommend Sarah Ann to anyone who is interested in kickstarting their fitness training with an awesome trainer, or just looking to take fun, stress-relieving weekly workout classes. "

- Jill C. 

 "I have seen a drastic change in my muscle toning.... balance and stability, and my stamina. I highly recommend Sarah Ann"

"Sarah Ann is a fantastic trainer. I've known her for about 2 years now, and I can honestly say that she is one of the best trainers I've with whom I've worked.


She keeps every workout new and fun, but takes the time to learn your limits and will not hesitate to push you to those limits and just a little bit beyond them to get you into the best shape possible. Her positive attitude and infectious personality takes your mind off any "pain" you may be feeling (which is really just weakness leaving your body, right??) and shows you that working out can be a fun and positive experience.


Thanks for everything you've done, Sarah Ann!"

Aditi G. 

"get into the best shape possible.... working out can be a fun and positive" 


"While I understand the value of a drill sergeant fitness instructor for some personalities, the truth is being barked at for an hour by someone does not motivate me - it aggravates me.  


Sarah Ann approaches fitness with the opposite technique.  She is calm, sweet, and fun.  She makes you forget you are actually working your butt off, while encouraging you to continue to push yourself as hard as possible.  


It is this approach that has me continually coming back to her for group fitness classes."

- Chris R. 

"Sarah Ann is a knowledgeable instructor and trainer, always looking to better herself by way of education and experience.  

She is relatable, sweet and easy to work with. I love training with her on a one-on-one basis and I love taking her classes."

-Adella Curry, Owner StrongBoard Balance

"Sarah Ann motivates me to push when I think I can't do more. She keeps me consistent even with a full-time job and a son with special needs. And (My) arms have never looked better!"

- Jenny H 


"relatable, sweet, and easy to work with"

"She makes you forget you are actually working your butt off" 

"my arms have never looked better"

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