I Currently Work with My Clients

in 3 Ways:


. 1. Private Online Coaching

2. At-home Private Training

3. In a Small-Group Setting


Here is How it Works: 


1. One-on-One Personal Training or

Small-Group Training



You pick the time and place and I'll show up with everything you need to accomplish your fitness goals. 


Most of my "requests" from pregnant clients and new moms are core exercises, sculpting/toning workouts, cardio/plyometrics, posture, pelvic floor stability, flexibility, and balance training. 


(Yes- you can bring the kids and no, you wouldn't be the first to pause to change a diaper or pause to pee)













2. Private Online Coaching Sessions 



You have the choice of a 30 or 60 minute session where I can either guide you through a workout or we can chat about your fitness goals. Up to you!











After Our Sessions:


 The fun doesn't have to end.


MomTrainer.com Clients get my full attention. 


When you purchase any package of sessons, you have complimentary access to my brain and

MomTrainer.com bonus materials for the duration of your training. For example, we can create an accountability log of your calories, sleep, and outside exercise for my weekly review, extra Training Tips and More FOR FREE! 



You know you need 

prenatal or post-natal training

when everyone's flashing

their 6-packs on Instagram

and you're just trying

to not pee every time you sneeze.



It doesn't have to be that way.
It's my specialty, my passion, and I'm here to help. 
Hi!  I'm Sarah Ann. I'm a pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist who loves working with busy moms just like you get into the best shape of their lives.

In Our Personal Training Sessions Together

I Will Help You: 


  1. Develop a Strong Pelvic Floor

  2. Increase Your Energy

  3. Boost Your Stamina

  4. Increase Your Muscle Tone

  5. Perfect Your Posture

  6. Create Successful Habits for a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

  7. Get the Results You Want Without Sacrificing Family Time

  8. Learn the Tricks and Tools for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance so You Can Get Long-Lasting Results. 


.... and SO much more. 


(... and if possible, by the Beach!)

(... not too shabby for our first hour!)

"My, how you've improved!" 

Bonus Materials Include:

(but are not limited to)


  • Additional Workouts

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • MomTrainer.com Imbibe Guide

  • Cardio Programs

  • Access to my Exclusive "Clients Only" Facebook Group for additional support from other moms just like you

  • and MORE!! 


"Don't let that sweet face fool you! Sarah Ann is serious about helping you reach your goals and getting results. She makes working out fun even as she pushes you to work harder. It almost doesn't feel like you're working out -- though you will feel it later...in a good way!" - Beth G. 

Need More Information? Check out the FAQS 

Now, That Being Said,


Might I remind you that my original goal for creating MomTrainer.com was to make my expertise in Pregancy and Post-Natal Fitness Training accessible for everyone. 




You can absolutely do the work yourself! 


I have designed this site to be full of Practical Information, Quick Workouts, Recipes, and Motivational Mojo that you can get fast and FREE. 


Meaning, you can absolutely do the workouts, read the blogs, fix up the recipes, and you will see results overtime.


But if you are 100% committed to your success in your health and well-being, I hope you will consider making a the small investment into getting the results you want. 





 Look, I've been doing this for a really long time. 


Most of my MomTrainer.com clients often come to me with injuries or complications from labor.


They don't want a "One-Size Fits All"

approach to finess


They want the accountability and results that come from having me in their living room 2x per week. 


They just don't want to spend the time going through all of their old workouts trying to modify them for their new "condition". 


AND they are sick of wasting time on the internet trying to find a random collection of exercises... instead of actually doing them. 


So that's where I come in. 


I have helped countless women adapt their workouts for their personal goals, lifestyles, exercise history, and specific areas they want to work on. They're not supermodels. They don't all have disposable incomes. They just want results from the accountability of working with someone who listens to their every need, and the results LAST.


All you need to do is make the committment to yourself & prepare to feel really, really awesome- So you actually ENJOY being pregnant and be the Supermom you know you CAN be.  


"absolutely everything you look for in a trainer: patient, knowledgeable, motivating, flexible, and caring"

_ Marlesa G. 

"get into the best shape possible.... working out can be fun and positive"

_Aditi G.  

Check out what my clients are saying: 

(After our workout) I feel awesome today AND I was xxx and some change on the scale!!! (3lbs down!) Woo hoo!



*Please note, all in-person sessions are unavaible due to Covid- I am offering online sessions only. Please contact me with questions and to set up an online session!*


I am based in LA on Pacific Standard Time 



1. Check Your Availability

(and contact me if you don't see something open)


2. Purchase Your Desired Session Package Online


3. I will confirm our session via email


4. You complete a brief health questionniare and goal-setting survey


5. I show up at the confirmed time and location


6. I train you (or a small group of you and your friends) based on what your individual goals and needs are. You also have the option of completing a small baseline assessment where I take measurements, guide you through a functional movement screen, and set personalized goals that I can work with you on so you get the most benefit from our sessions together. 


7. We stay in touch and I deliver you awesome and helpful MomTrainer.com bonus materials so you get additional progress while we aren't together.







(By the way, if you've made it THIS FAR down the page, you're basically a superhero. #attentionspanFTW)

Here's How: 


Online Sessions


1. Check Your Availability

(and contact me if you don't see something open)


2. Purchase Your Desired Session Package Online (online sessions can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes)


3. I will confirm our session via email


4. You complete a brief health questionniare and goal-setting survey and tell me what you would prefer a workout session or Q&A session 


5. We meet in the comfort of our own homes and I either guide you through a workout, check your form, map out your goals, and/or answer any fitness questions you may have - all based on what your goal-setting survey indicates how you would like to use our time together. It's your time so you decide how we use it! 


6. You also get access to the MomTrainer.com Bonus Materials and weekly follow-ups to track your progress and get the results you want.


Need more information? 


Please visit my FAQ page


Have a more specific question? Reach out to me here. 



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