The Spring workout

5 exercises for runners

Something about Spring makes me want to get OUT! 

The sights of buds and smells of fresh earth will get me lacing up my sneakers whether I feel like exercising or not. I loved to take my kiddos out in a jogger, and now that they're in school I can head out after drop off. 

Many of my PostPartum clients are feeling inspired, too! I created this simple 5- exercise routine for one of my clients who is looking to gain strength and start running again after baby, and it was too good not to share! 

This 10-minute video features 5 exercises to help you target the muscles that help you run stronger, faster, and to prevent common injuries that can derail your progress. You'll need an exercise band and a Yoga mat, and I'll show you plenty of modifications to try so you can customize this workout for your personal fitness goals.

You can either pair this workout after a run, or do this on a non-run day to keep your muscles strong. This is a sculpting and toning workout that specifically targets your glutes, core, back, shoulders, and hips with low-impact and high results!

This workout is safe for Post-Partum people, meaning, there are certain exercises that I wouldn't recommend for those still working on healing a Diastasis or working to resolve some Pelvic floor symptoms. If you are Pregnant or newly Postpartum, please check out my Postpartum page and Prenatal page for additional workouts that are safe for you to try in these chapters of your life. 

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