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Want to run? 

I need testers for a new program I'm creating! 


Testers will get access to 3 free workouts to try in return for their feedback. 


This is for your if you are: 


  • A new(ish) parent who is looking to get back into running

  • Someone who is interested in starting running 

  • Available to do each workout at least once - workouts are delivered on Monday and you will need to submit your feedback by Thursday. 

  • Have access to a treadmill or running path, a mat, light weights, paper plates/ gliders, a ball (Pilates or playground), a band, or towel. 


If this isn't you - and you just want to try a workout out for free to get an idea of my training style - please click over to the Workouts page!

If you are currently pregnant - please go here
If you are postpartum - please go here

If this isn't you... and you want to try other workouts I've created, please visit my workouts page. I've got a variety of videos and printables for you to take to the gym or use at home. 

Have questions or want to set up a consultation to see if you're a good fit for my online training program? Please reach out here and we can coordinate a time to chat. 

*Clicking on this link will automatically subscribe you to my bi-weekly newsletter, where I share additional tips, workouts, and plant-based recipes for the whole family. You can unsubscribe at anytime and I do not share my email list. I promise it's worth your time if you are a busy Mom who loves to stay active and have fun!

Want more attention? Check out my personal training options 

Need personal attention?:



One-on-one clients receive: 


  • A customized program tailored to maximize their fitness goals

  • In-home or online appointments 

  • Complimentary "homework" and online videos 

  • Nutritional Support

  • 20% off Select Store Products

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