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I am honored to have been a part of such wonderful and esteemed organizations. 




It is my passion to share the information that I have learned from over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the health and wellness community in any way I can.
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3. Simple Core Exercises

"Exercises like pelvic tilts, bridges, modified planks, lunges, abduction and adduction, and laying leg-raises will help build strength to your pelvic floor and core." -- Sarah Ann Kelly, "Rules to working out in the

third trimester" 

Cafe Mom- The Stir: 5 Exercises to Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Post-Baby

"Most of my clients experience extreme fatigue, discomfort, and back pain at this time," says Sarah Ann Kelly, who is the founder of She recommends: "Pelvic tilts. They not only strengthen your ever-so-important pelvic floor and prevent diastasis recti ("split abs"), they also help alleviate lower back pain; best part, you can do them sitting down!"


Taking regular vacations isn’t just rewarding, it’s essential for your mental and spiritual well-being.  Although we tend to skip out on our regularly scheduled lives when we’re on a getaway, any gap in your fitness routine can really cause more harm than good. No matter where you are in your fitness journey (starting out, working towards a new goal, or simply maintaining), keeping fit while traveling is key.  


Here are my tips to keep it up!


1. Book a fit vacation


Before you book your hotel, check and see if they have a fitness center or lap pool. Select the hotel that fits your budget and health needs.



2. Look for nearby classes


Being in a different part of the world doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to keep up with your regular workouts.  I find that it’s really fun to checkout my favorite classes (spin, yoga, etc.) with new instructors and new perspectives.  Some of my favorite classes have been on vacation, because I can totally check out and focus on my workout.


3. Bring exercise bands


Resistance bands are the cheapest, lightest, and easiest option for travel.  Pack them in your carry-on for workouts on the go!


4. Don’t forget your workout clothes


Who doesn’t love traveling in yoga pants??  They’re comfortable and guarantee you’ll have an outfit to work out in.  Double the chances of you staying fit by traveling in your favoriteworkout gear.


5. Take laps in the airport


Airports can be a huge waste of time, or a great way to lock in mileage.  Bring a rolling suitcase and take laps.  Bonus points if you can find a quiet area to do squats, lunges, and chair dips


6. Walk whenever possible


If you love to explore, you should love to walk. You will experience more of a destination by hitting the road.  Opt to walk during the daytime (if it’s safe).  Most hotels will help you select a safe route.


7. Long flight?


Don’t forget to stretchSitting for long periods of time can cause stiffness, poor circulation, and fatigue.  Take 5-10 minutes after you land or during your layover to do some leg, back, and shoulder stretches.


8. Bring healthy snacks


If you’re road tripping, don’t forget a couple ice packs and a cooler.  This will help you store healthier foods like veggies, fruit, and lean proteins.  Look for sugar-free protein bars, almonds, and veggie chips.


9. Stay hydrated


Travel is dehydrating, especially if you’re flying.  Keep a reusable water bottle handy to refill on the go.  It’s an easy reminder to keep drinking and it’s better for the environment!

Sarah Ann Kelley, Fabletics Master Blog"9 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling"  

Sarah Ann Kelly
Award-Winning Fitness Professional and Founder of - {Santa Monica, CA}
Essential Gear: Online Tracking Site
"Join a popular tracking site so you can track your progress and have the support of an online community. Maintaining an online record will keep you on track and show you where you need improvement. Numbers don't lie."


Spark "What's in your trainer's gym bag? 

Need More Information? Check out the FAQS 

Prevention Magazine "6 ways your workout should change when you hit 30" 

"Work the ROM." 
It stands for range of motion, and Sarah Ann Kelly, a personal trainer in Santa Monica, CA, says that these exercises are particularly important when you're in your 30s. "I tell my 30-something clients to add more motion to their movements," says Kelly. For example, you might squat to a low bench that takes you deeper than your usual squat. Try taking your push-ups all the way to the floor, or widening the grip on your lateral pull-downs, she says. "This helps you recruit more of your muscle fibers, so you'll build stronger, more metabolically active muscles, and you will be less prone to injuries when you do things like lift your groceries or your kids."


Fabletics Blog "How to grow an herb garden" 

An herb garden is a fantastic way to add beauty to your home and taste to your meals. Check out our helpful tips to grow your very own herb garden this spring, YUM!



Go With Your Gut:


If you’re regularly using herbs to flavor your favorite dishes, you probably already know how most meals require only a small amount of what is available for purchase at most stores, often resulting in waste. Before you go shopping, check out what recipes you most enjoy. Love Mexican? Check out cilantro. Roasting vegetables or chicken on the regular? You’ll love what rosemary, sage, and thyme can do. Indulging in Italian? Basil, marjoram, and parsley are a must.


Scope Out Your Space:


Most herbs require some sun. Place a box or re-soil a plot outside in areas that receive the most hours of sun. If you are apartment living, find a space near a window (preferably near the kitchen!) that can hold a small box or potted plants. You’ll need to rotate your garden regularly to ensure that all areas of your plant get sun.


Grow Happy Plants:


Herbs with thicker, darker leaves will need less sun and water than bright, thin-leaved herbs. So if your place has less light, you may need to stick with herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme. Set a reminder to water your plants regularly. When your plants need a new home, it’s time to replant so they don’t get suffocated. Make sure your pots have a place to drain into to prevent overwatering.


Going out of town? Time to harvest beforehand! We LOVE to toss chopped herbs in olive oil for a delicious addition to salads and sautés.


Happy Gardening!

–Sarah Ann Corkum, Fabletics Master


Check out what my clients are saying: 

"I’ve been a fish-eating vegetarian for over 18 years, and if I had a dime for every time someone asked me where I get my protein from, I could buy an island.


Being a vegetarian is a great way to cut down on saturated fats, cholesterol, and increase nutrient intake.


Multiple studies have also found that vegetarians not only consume fewer calories, but they also live longer. Below is a list of my favorite foods that will fulfill your recommended daily protein intake."- Sarah Ann Kelly 


Fabletics Blog:

"Veg Out: The Best Vegetarian Protein Sources" 

07.01.15 Fabletics Masters


"Summer is the best time to hop on a bike for a workout. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and you get to visit new places. Stretching is also important after our bike workouts. It can help us reap the benefits of exercising and prevent muscle soreness and injury. Read on for the best stretches for cyclists after a long ride."


Fabletics Blog:

The 5 Best Post-Cycle Stretches

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