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Not Bad for a Pregnant Lady.... Setting your "Pregnancy Mantra"

So look, I've been doing this for 10 years... but nothing prepares you for actually going through this experience. (Same goes for parenting, or so I've heard.)

I've seen a lot of clients get VERY frustrated.

Particularly my kickass crossfitters, runners, ambitionistas,

they're not used to slowing down. Neither was I, until the first trimester made me so dizzy I could barely stand up, let alone continue exercising my pre-pregnancy way.

When we are pregnant, we HAVE TO MAKE CHANGES.

Now, how do we successfully change our fitness routine without this overwhelming feeling of frustration?

Create a pregnancy mantra!

I've tried this method with many a frustrated client, and now myself. Personally, I think this is one of the most effective ways to have a happy pregnancy not only because I've seen it help hundreds of women, but I'm proof as well.

Look - I am NO pro on meditation. There is a Reason I don't teach Yoga. (Actually, several reasons but that's beside the point.) We have to teach ourselves that it's OKAY to slow down.

Think of what you would tell another woman in your same situation. What would you say to someone who is frustrated because she can't run as fast as she can? Or she gets dizzy when she stands up and can't do the last round of burpees? Probably something super encouraging, right?

I'll share mine : "Not bad for a pregnant lady"

This actually just popped in my head... and I hope yours will come as organically as this.

You deserve the words you would share with another woman.

This isn't your normal you in the gym.

This is pregnant you in the gym

I'm hoping you'll take this opportunity of your personal metamorphosis from woman to mother as a beautiful time of growth and development. Even though it might feel like it, we truly aren't pregnant forever.

I came up with "Not bad for a pregnant lady" because, well, I'm now the pregnant lady. Hell yes, I am the same woman who has done many triathlons, marathons, survived off coffee and bagels in college, who did 100 burpees the day of her wedding and moved across the country on a whim. Those things served me then, but they don't serve me now.

Now it's time to grow out of pants, take lots of naps, swap running sprints in spin class to slow n steady rides, skip the crunches for cat-cows, and to enjoy the miracle my body is working so hard to create. This is clearly not the life that's up to my pre-pregnancy standards, but it's "not bad for a pregnant lady", and I'll say I'm doing pretty damn fine.

My challenge for you is to think of a mantra that is going to help you get through these next months. It can remind you of how strong you are as a woman for bringing a new life into this world, it can push you to enjoy as much as you can out of this period of metamorphosis, or it can encourage you to be patient.

I'd love to hear what you come up with! Feel free to share below in a comment or shout it loud and proud on my Facebook page.

You got this, Momma.

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