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Welcome to the #Sweatlife

If you're resuming exercise postpartum or just getting started, things are going to be sweaty. That's a really, really good thing! Sweat is awesome for your circulatory system and for your skin.

Me after a sweaty dirty-thirty

Getting sweaty doesn't necessarily mean you are out of shape.

You see, having a high sweat rate means that our bodies are more effective at cooling off. So yes, you will sweat more as your body works overtime during an intense workout, but you'll also find that the MORE in shape you are, the faster you will START to sweat after a workout.

(As amazing as this feedback-system works, it's also a pain in the butt. The summer that I got in shape for my last 1/2 Ironman event was preeetty gross... was it worth taking 1.5 hours off my previous finish time? Hell yes.)

What does this mean for your pregnancy fitness?

I recently contributed to an article in Sparkpeople about sweat rate during pregnancy:

"As a pregnancy fitness specialist, Sarah Ann Kelly of notices that her clients sweat more during pregnancy, as their bodies work harder to distribute blood to the baby while also attempting to regulate the core temperature for exercise—which is why it's so important to stay hydrated and cool during prenatal workouts."

Now, you've probably already noticed this adjustment in your first trimester. Everything feels harder. You have more blood circulating in you to support your pregnancy, along with additional pounds. You'll likely start sweating earlier in your workouts than normal. Which is normal. This is your cue to drink more water to stay hydrated and give some love to your circulatory system.

I've seen a couple myths floating around that pregnancy "makes you out of shape" or " makes you lose muscle tone". No research supports this. If you are forced into bedrest or completely quit exercising, you will definitely lose muscle tone and cardiovascular shape... but that ain't your baby's fault. Many of my clients report feeling stronger, firmer, and healthier than they did pre-pregnancy!

A lil' sweat ain't such a bad thing... For more information on the science of sweat, please click here!

Got questions?

Leave them in the comments section below or email me!

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