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Simply Green

If you can't beat em, drink em.

Not a veggie fan? Short on time? Aiming for those 5 servings?

Try juicing.

I'm a huge fan of vegetable juice, but as one of the cheapest people on the planet, I can't reason spending $12 on pureed vegetables. (I know, I know... )

If you've got 10 minutes I'll give you a mid-day snack that will leave you feeling refreshed and less-likely to reach for a sugary treat.

Here's what you'll need to make your own juice at home:

A cutting board

Sharp knife

A blender (or juicer)

A strainer (if you aren't a pulp fan)

A pitcher or thermos

You may have heard that most juices need to be consumed within an hour in order to preserve the nutrients in the juice. (Which, to be perfectly honest.... I'm not sure I agree with, and it's certainly not realistic for myself or many of the mommas I train. If you are concerned about preserving the nutrients in your juice and need to prepare these in advance, check out these tips.)

I personally prefer to chop up veggies/fruits/herbs and store them in little drinkable jars and then dump them in a blender with some water right before I head out the door. Which *tip* you will need to at least soak your blender in water if you don't have time to clean it immediately. Pulp is a pain in the ass to scrub off.

Here's a winning combination that I loved this week:

(Single serving)

1/4 Green apple 1 small Cucumber 2 handfuls of Spinach Several sprigs of Parsley 1/4 Lemon juice

Cold water (enough to cover the veggies in your blender)

Blend away until smooth. I'm a pulp fan, so I usually leave it in, but you can strain it out if you like.

Perfect to use as a pick me up or a daily nutrient boost.

Have a recommendation? Leave it below!


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