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Protein-packed salads, Edamame to the rescue!

Edamame are soybeans and come in pods. They make a great snack and are any easy way to add protein to salads, stir fries, and soups. Simply boil the pods for 5 minutes and toss with adash of salt.

One cup contains about 120 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 9

grams of protein.

Salad with Shredded Carrots and Edamame:

1 tsp or 1 cube grated ginger 1 tbsp diced shallots 1/4 cup olive oil 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp whole grain mustard 2 tsp lemon juice 1 package Edamame (shelled) 4 large carrots 1 cucumber 1 zucchini

In a small bowl, whisk together all dressing ingredients. Set aside. In a large bowl, julienne the carrots, zucchini, and cucumber (use a potato peeler while rotating your vegetables if you don’t have a mandolin or other means of julienne-ing.) Add edamame. Fold and combine the dressing with the sliced vegetables and edamame. Immediately serve over a bed of lettuce, or keep it covered in the fridge and serve over salad greens and rice for an easy dinner fix!

Originally posted on the Fabletics Master's Blog as part of my "Best protein sources for vegetarians" article. Read it here:


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