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How to Sneak in Kegels

Yes. Kegeling.

It is the number one recommended pelvic floor exercise by gynecologists. It's fantastic for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to in preparation for labor but also to establish a secure connection to prevent accidents when we're older.

Here are some ways to remind yourself to rock a kegel during and after your pregnancy:

1) Everytime you send an email

2) Put a 60 minute timer on your phone and do a set of 5-10 at every hour

3) Every time you use the restroom, do 10 pelvic tucks with a kegel

4) Pick a word. Just like your favorite drinking game, every time you hear that word, squeeze up!

5) Do 30 before you leave your bed in the morning

6) Do 20 before and after lunch!

7) Everytime you feel your baby kick, do 1-10 based off the intensity of his or her movement

8) Diaper challenge- do 5-10 while changing (or after!)

9) Bend and kegel- Before and after your labor, give your pelvic floor a squeeze at the top of a squat-like movement

10) Right now! Tuck your pelvis in and give me 20!!!



PS- Share your favorite kegel reminders in the comments section!

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