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What to Keep in Your Workout Bag When You're Pregnant

When we're pregnant, exercise is awesome. It keeps us in shape and allows us some dedicated me-time that so rapidly declines as soon as you test positive. Here are some things to keep in your gym bag for a safe and effective workout.

1) Water:

Staying hydated is essential to prevent overheating and dehydration. Always keep a water bottle or low-calorie drink on hand.

2) Snacks!

Low sugar granola bars, fruit, and nuts are great examples of healthy snacks that will help your workout. Have a small snack an hour before your workout if you're feeling nauseated and within 40 minutes after your workout if your next meal isn't for a while. "Morning" sickness is often a result of hunger, so don't go in hungry. Have a quick snack after your workout to refuel your muscles and prevent low blood sugar

3) A heart rate monitor:

A heart rate monitor will give you a more accurate than the ones on the machines. Keep your heartbeat in check by focusing on your breathing and keep an eye out in case your heart rate gets elevated. If you are already in great shape before your pregancy, you probably can be over 140, unless your doctor says otherwise. Polar is a highly regarded brand and has options for every wallet. If purchasing a heart rate monitor is out of the question, make sure you can talk and breath deeply during exercise.

4) Any medications, inhalers, etc you would normally bring to workout.

5) A list of emergency contact numbers, just to be on the safe side.

Be sure to include your partner and physician's info along with any recommendations your physician may have.

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