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Barre-Style Circuit Sculpt

If you've never heard of Barre- or if you've been pulsing it out for years- you've got to try this workout! I created this workout for a client recently and it was too good not to share!

Barre is basically a standing Pilates-class set to upbeat music and has a little bit more cardio and sculpting. Typically I'll teach with lighter weights, bands, balls, and the barre. (This workout doesn't require much equipment , and you can use a chair or a wall to balance if you don't have a barre at home.) Barre has a reputation for being HARD, and it is, but I encourage my students to go at their own pace, and I'll give you lots of options in this video as well to modify as you need.

We'll warm up, do a couple of strength circuits, get your heart rate up, and torch your core and those little muscles all over in this one!

Grab your copy by clicking here and I'll email you a copy to try at home.

Happy Sculpting!

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