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Monday Mealprep for Momma and Baby

Ya'll know I'm a big advocate for Monday Mealprepping.

It's something my husband and I look forward to doing on Monday nights and saves us our Sundays for spending time together as a family.

Now that little Finnegan is trying solids, it's gotten a lot more interesting! We got the clear from his 6 month appointment to start giving him everything, (except for honey, obvs), and we are having so much fun! The faces! The hilarious noises! The mess! So fun!

Now, let me start by saying this.... I'm a huge WUSS when it came to Baby Led Weaning. Yes, I know he can mash it down and it teaches him how to feed himself and it's way more fun.. but I'm terrified he'll choke on something. He's got barely one tooth and even though I'm certified in Adult and Infant CPR/ AED/ First Aid.... I'm not ready yet. Right now we are pureeing and mashing everything. I would LOVE to hear your experiences with BLW if you're doing it and massive props for being a confident momma!

Usually when we make our meals for the week I have 3 things in mind. I'll do a lunch, dinner, and breakfast or snack. This week we made a Quinoa Salad for lunches, Stuffed Zucchini Boats for Dinner, and a Florentine Frittata for breakfasts.

Finnegan so far (he'll be 7 months on Friday... eek!) has tried zucchini, avocado, peas, sweet potato, barley, carrots, and quinoa. I'm introducing foods gradually and combining textures/flavors as we go. Now that he's a masticating member of the family I'm planning out his foods as we prepare ours. I've found that it's much more time and financially efficient to incorporate what he's eating into our meals.

Finnegan gets this:

(Pureed zucchini and peas, quinoa)

We get this:

(An "Everything in the Garden" Quinoa Salad)

I'll typically boil the sweet potato or carrots in a double boiler with the peas and zucchini on top. Then I'll reserve the water and boil the quinoa in it to reuse the nutrients.

We don't have a special baby food processor... I just use my regular immersion blender. I couldn't find a reason to get a separate one. Our house is small and we like to be as minimal when it comes to the baby stuff as possible. The immersion blender is great because we're already using it for soups and it requires far less clean up than a regular blender.

If you have any tips for mealprepping for adults and babies I'd love to hear them! Please share them here

Have a great week everyone! xoxo

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