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Irish I could drink... The MomTrainer guide to a sober St. Paddy's day

Happy St. Paddy's day and Cead Mile Failte to you my dear!!

Today, the glorious 17th o' March, was my favorite day to sling drinks when I bartended back in NYC. It was usually a 16-hour shift of pure chaos... but man was it fun. Everyone is in a good mood and, as an Irish lass myself, I love to celebrate with anything green.

Now, if you're a new mom, or pregnant, you might be dreading today. (Especially if you haven't made your announcement yet.)


St. Paddy's day doesn't have to suck if you're pregnant.

Here is everything you need to know about faking it, enjoying healthy mocktails, and some delicous "luck of the Irish" mocktails to get you through the day.


I'm 50% Irish and my last name is Kelly... post-wedding shots from the bottle

(An Irish Wedding. I promise you, your tomorrow will be so much better... )

How to fake it:

1- Slip your server a note:

I can't even tell you how many times I've seen it - the panicked look when I come over to a group of coworkers to take their drink order. The sly "Oh I'm not sure yet... give me a minute"... and then I get pulled aside when the group has moved. It's a rushed conversation and I'm not going to hear you if it's loud and I'm 5 deep.

Prep a note in advance and slip it your server or bartender. A simple - "I'm pregnant- please serve me only soda water in a cocktail glass" is fine.

2 Order Smart

A soda water with lime can easily be served in a cocktail glass as a fake vodka soda and a non-alcoholic beer can poured as a fake draft. (Tip- swish it around a lot to keep the foam alive.)

If someone else is paying we can usually ring it in as "vodka" or "beer" when the time comes to total the check and no one will be the wiser.

(If you're hoping for some green in your drink- you have a friend. Her name is "rose's lime juice" and she is full of sugar, so only add a dash, you're sweet enough!)

3. Avoid the crowd

If you're out with a group of people run the eff away when it's time to order. You'll avoid being on the spot. Go "check the vodka selection", make a "phone call", or "pee" right before the server comes.

(Ahem- this is the time to "see what's on tap" and slip the bartender a note and tell us where you're sitting so we can figure out who your server is).

4. Did you know? Today is the day you're...

... Starting antibiotics. Ugh!

.... a hot mess and you've forgotten your ID.... and you're too far away to go grab it.... and you don't want to bother your server and get them in trouble. (You're so nice)

.... DD tonight. So annoying that you have to pick up your man!

...................................You poor thing :)

Now go make these things that look more delicious than an Irish Carbomb:

My favorite green mocktails:

Kiwi Mojito:

1. Muddle a quarter or cubed kiwi, a half a lime, four mint leaves, and a tbsp honey in a cocktail shaker

2. Add ice (4-5 cubes) and shake the crap out of it until ice is crushed

3. Pour over fresh ice into a tall cocktail glass. Top with sparkline water and a dash of gingerale and serve.

yummy kiwi mojito

Full recipe and original post:

Emerald Palmer

1- Blend a couple cukes with mint leaves

2- Combine lemon juice, a dash agave, 1 tsp matcha green tea powder (avail at trader joes and most grocery stores - minimal caffeine) with a cup of water and stir until combined

3- Add lemon/agave mixture to your blender and blend until very smooth

4. Lightly salt the rim of a rocks glass and serve over ice

emerald palmer- yum!

Full recipe and original post:

Virgin Mary Margaritas

(so easy!)

1- Add 1 can frozen limeade with 3/4 cup unsweetened grapefruit juice, 3/4 cup orange juice, and 4 cups of ice in a blender

2- Blend until slushy!

3- Serve in a rocks glass with a lightly salted rim

Full recipe and original post:

I'll be enjoying some of these on Instagram so please say hi there.

I LOVE hearing "how I hid my pregnancy" stories so please share yours in the comments section below!

Slainte!! xoxo

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