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Your Monday Workout

Happy February everyone!

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week/ month :)

If you don't live in SoCal and can't attend my Monday morning class- here is a sample of what we did today. I've modified it so you can do it at-home. All you'll need is a mat, 2 heavy weights, and some water.

Do at least 20 reps of each and repeat the circuits 3x.

Here is how you modify for pregnancy/ very post-natal:

1- Skip the bicycle crunches- do standing side bends (no weight)

2- Swap the climbers for a plank (or do 'em slow if you feel okay)

3- Swamp the pec flys for a pushup on a bench or wall

4- Skip the reverse crunches all together and give me 20 kegels

Everything else you can do at a steady pace (unless your doctor says otherwise).

leave me a comment once youv'e done it and please let me know if you have preferred areas you'd like me to design a program for!

Here to help :)



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