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Finding Time to Workout

It's my least favorite excuse and most common.... I don't even want to type it out because I dislike even seeing this negative energy.... but here we go:

"I don't have time to workout"


If I could get splash of wine everytime I heard that ugly phrase I could open my own winery (and yes, you're invited).

It's not about "finding time". It's about making your fitness a PRIORITY.

We all have priorities in life. I, for example, never have time to clean out my closet or get my nails done, and I have all the respect in the world for you pretty-nail, clean-closet people! It's about making a choice every day, or a couple times per week. Where can you CARVE out the time to make your workout happen?

Can you get up 20 minutes earlier every day?

Can you cook meals in advance and do a quick workout in the evening with your partner?

Can you eat at your desk and spend your lunch hour in the gym?

Can you set a timer to squat every hour?

Can you walk to the grocery store/ post-office/ coffee shop instead of drive?

If you want to make your fitness goals happen, you have GOT to find the time to do it. Make it fun, make it accessible to your life, and stick with it!

Excuses are a waste of time. Use your fitness goals to set the tone for the rest of your life. Dreams happen one day at a time, and you deserve to live them.

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