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Making it work

We had a monster trip last week.

My husband had to travel to DC for work, as my parents were returning to Boston from Florida. We found a way to intersect so they got some grandson snuggle time, and I had some help with my teething munchkin.

This was all set into place for months. Then we got the call that my Grandmother (who had been battling cancer at 92 years old) had passed away. After arrangements were made, we realized the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get up to Boston was a 10 hour trip in a rental car. So, we made it work.

To me right now, motherhood is a great surrender. Nothing ever goes according to plan, so I'm constantly finding myself re-prioritizing my day. If he's cranky, we workout at home, if he needs a nap and I need a workout, we go for a walk in the stroller.

I'm very , very sick of hearing "it's not about you anymore" from strangers. Thank you for that horrible, un-empathetic sharing of non-advice.

I think we moms are VERY aware of how much our lives have changed. No mother would ever put herself before her child, but we need to find ways where we can both be happy. Me skipping a workout makes me a miserable mom, just as him skipping a nap makes a miserable baby.

Trust me, no one looks forward to a flight or road trip with a baby. But sometimes we have to do it. So just like with our workouts, we just make it work.

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