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No, Pelvic Pain is NOT normal

I recently held a Q&A at a local hospital here in Denver with a group of postpartum moms.

We covered the basics of postpartum fitness, when to return to running, the transverse abdominis, etc. No one knew about prolapse, and only a few people had ever heard of diastasis recti. The only person who knew that peeing yourself wasn't normal was only informed by my recent rant on instagram.

(And really, ranting is NOT my style... but I will unleash an all-caps tirade if I deem it necessary.)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

There are 3 kinds of POP, uterine, bladder, and rectal prolapse. (The organs bound by your pelvic floor.) When these organs move out of alignment and slowly migrate down towards the opening of the anus or vagina, it is considered prolapsed. This can be caused by pregnancy or labor. A minor prolapse can heal itself over time, major prolapse may require surgery.

How can you tell if you have a prolapse? It just. Feels. Weird down there. You might have some pain or "pressure".... or it just doesn't feel right.

This is why I'm such a fan of the #6weekwait... but you will need to ASK your doctor when he/she is checking you during your postpartum appointment.

I'm REALLY hoping your doctor would tell you if you have prolapse, but one of my mommas from the Q&A wasn't so lucky. (She reached out to thank me a week later... she'd be having all of these symptoms and assumed this was just part of being postpartum. Turns out, she's got a uterine prolapse her doctor didn't warn her about!)

If you're experiencing ANY of these symptoms please call your OB/GYN and see a postpartum PT!

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