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Add friends, lose inches

This is an extrovert-friendly post.

If you are in introvert... you will probably want to move on BUT you're always welcome to hang out until the end :)

So- recently I started training a small group of Mommas in Venice. They're friggin badass, and they've lost weight, toned muscle, and dropped some bad habits IN 3 WEEKS.

This is by far the fastest results I've ever had with clients.

At first I just thought they must be dieting like crazy or adding extra hours of exercise.

But I was way wrong.

They're just accountable, and it works! Look, it's the holiday season now. (If you're reading this after the holidays... I'm sure you can reflect back :) The holidays are like the worst time for any trainer. Our clients show up late, cancel, gain weight, and skip their cardio. I don't blame them, it's tough on everyone. Look- I may be a trainer by trade but I'm also human. I had like 5 glasses of champagne at my husband's holiday party last night and trust me- my workout today wasn't as epic as I would have hoped. (Maybe I shouldn't have shared that... )

Anyway! I'm so impressed with this small group and here is the takeaway- your friends will PUSH you. You don't want to be the one slacking off, skipping the last round of burpees, and you're definitely going to show up at the time and location that you've all picked out.

Plus, training with your friends who you spend the most time with keeps you accountable not only in your workouts but outside of training. Like, at happy hour and holiday parties... You're not going to grab handfuls of M&Ms in front of the people you train with, and you're going to stop your poor friend who can't help herself from setting herself back.

Small group training isn't for everyone, (Hi Introverts, if you're still reading!!). If you have serious injuries or just plain prefer some solo time, that's totally fine. But if you're looking for a way to stay on top of your workouts and spend time with your favorite people (and of course we invite the little people along), small group training might be for you!

Happy Holidays :)

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