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Your Thanksgiving Day Workout!

If you're like me... you HATE when the gym is closed and classes are cancelled.

(Seriously, I go absolutely insane. It's not cute.)

SO, with that in mind, I make it a priority to get my workouts done. Sure, sometimes they're on a spare towel in a hotel room, or smushed in between bookshelves while crashing at a relatives, or wandering around a random neighborhood looking for a running route like a total weirdo. The point is, I find a way to get it done.

You don't need the full hour or fancy equipment, all you need is 30 minutes, a mat (or towel), and water. Personally, I love to crank up my playlist and start with my favorite songs to get motivated. (Yup, I too have a hard time peeling myself away from the coffeepot and conversation, but I know I'll be a mess if I don't give myself the time to get a workout in.)

Click the image below for the workout I did last year. It's HARD... so I recommend skipping parts of it if you're pregnant or newly postpartum. It's low impact enough for 3 months and up... just as long as you have no complications and are cleared by your physician.


Thanksgiving 2016

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