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How to Actually Stick with your Fitness Goal

This is Part 2 of a series on Motivation. If you have read the previous post (and if you haven’t GO BACK and read it), you have a perfectly outlined plan of action.

A couple of questions I received on last week's post that I'd love to share:

Why do I always suggest getting a 3 month goal?

(Hmmm ... what do 3-Month Cycles remind you of??)

We need a long-term attainable goal for several reasons.

It needs to be BIG enough and scary enough for you to actually get excited. It also allows a little leeway. We all have lives. There are days when I'm late to workouts or I don't feel well. Knowing I have the time to still accomplish my big goal gives me confidence, and I know it does the same for my clients.

I am motivated to get my life moving again but....

I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone tell me their goal with a BUT. I want to lose 5lbs BUT. I want to hire a trainer BUT.


I've worked with hundreds of clients and I would be completely lying if I said everyone was successful. The first part is having a structured goal (and if you need a refresher, go here). The rest is actually doing it. When you're already giving your dreams a "BUT", you're already quitting. You're making an excuse before making a plan.

Look, no one has enough money or time. Let me repeat that....


Those are the "Big Two" that everyone in my profession hears in a regular basis, and they're bullshit. I've trained women who don't work and women who do, all of them struggled with finding the time to exercise. The great comedian Jim Gaffigan has a hysterical bit talking about personal training that goes like this... "all it takes is 20 minutes a day!!...... except if you don't want to do it".

This cracks me up on many levels not only because it's a sore spot, but it's totally true! We don't have time for what we don't make time for. We don't have a budget for stuff we don't value and don't want. Especially when it comes to postpartum fitness. You know you really Do have every excuse in the book, but you need to put yourself first and create sustainable habits to support your goals.

If you are struggling to create a routine, check out my workbook on how to establish achievable goals and how to eliminate and plan for lack of time/ support. I created this specifically for newborn moms, but honestly I think this applies to working parents, and busy people in all chapters.

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