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Workouts- Lunge to Row

You probably know by now that I'm BIG fan of simple, easy-to-follow exercises that pull a lot of bang for their buck. I'm busy, you're certainly busy, let's make exercise simple.

Spotlighting one of my favorites- the Lunge to Row, a super simple, yet effective, exercise that you can do at home. You'll perform a lunge and a row together to target your legs, butt, core, back, shoulders, biceps, and balance. You can tone your entire body in less than 5 minutes! You'll need: A resistance band A sturdy hook, tree, or secured railing


How to:

1. Grab each handle on your resistance band evenly. 2. Walk yourself back so your arms are straight and you have slight tension in the band. 3. Take large step back with your left leg, (about 3 feet), and lower your left knee about 2 inches off the floor 4. Press into your right heel to come back up to standing, squeezing your butt at the top. 5. Use your back, core, and arms to pull your elbows past your ribcage. (Your hands will be in a "thumbs up" position. Make sure your shoulders are down, your belly is tight, and your elbows stay tucked in.) 6. Repeat other side. Do 10-15 reps on each side


For pregnancy:

You can do this for all 3 trimesters, but give yourself a wider stance for the "pulling action" to help you keep your balance. Make sure you are doing these slowly and with deep breathing to really target your core and stabilizers. Postpartum:

If your pelvis and PF are feeling weak, please only lower halfway during the lunge. I recommend adding a Kegel when you come up from the lunge and using your breathing to pull the bands to activate your total core. Many new moms note wrist soreness from childcare, so please make sure your wrists are flat when you pull your arms in. Need it Easier?

Skip the lunge, just step back. Alternate pulling with one arm at a time. Give yourself a wider stance to assist your balance. Want it Harder?

Add a hop to the bottom of your lunge (6 months postpartum only). Try standing on one leg while you pull. Add a 2 second hold when you row to really target your back, spine, and core. Have questions?

Try it out and tag me @themomtrainer on Facebook or Instagram so I can cheer you on!

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