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Shorter Mom = Shorter Pregnancy? New study from March of Dimes.

Hey Mommas.

This study from the March of Dimes Foundation just came in my inbox.

The study found that "shorter mothers have shorter pregnancies, smaller babies, and higher risk for a preterm birth. " (Actual birth height and weight were genetically influenced, in contrast to study findings.)

Then this:

"The explanation for why this happens is unclear but could depend not only on unknown genes but also on woman's lifetime of nutrition and her environment."

Now obviously, I have a thousand questions. So, I'm 5'4'', which is considered average in the US. I'd LOVE to know what the average heights are and if the woman's height ever varied in her life. We can assume that if the woman was malnurished or addicted to certain drugs it would cause some kind of defect in height, but if mom was naturally short, would that result in a defect? I want to know the average height they were looking at and if there were any confounding factors that would also influence this ....

I will definitely follow up with any new information I read on this and would LOVE to hear your comments! Are any of you moms out there "vertically challenged"? I have lots of petite clients that have gone on to have perfectly healthy full-term babies... but if you're exercising with a trainer you're probably healthier than most...

Full study below:

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