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Q&A- "When is it safe for me to do planks after pregnancy?

Hi! First of all thank you for the question! This is a great one.

If you are currently pregnant or had a baby after roughly 2013, you've likely be inundated with all the fear mongering around planking and core work during pregnancy. Yes, there is a good amount of research that has demonstrated that poor posture and intra-abdominal core management during pregnancy can contribute to Diastasis Recti Abdominis, so most of us trainers recommend additional core exercises before our clients resume planking during pregnancy or postpartum.

One takeaway that I'd like you to bear in mind before I dive in... is that every body, every pregnancy, and every labor is extremely different. So, if you weren't having issues before or during pregnancy with planking, you might be ready to start planking again! Most of us, myself included, struggle after delivery, so we need to start with different core workouts. (Click here for a workout I still do to this day.)

If you are pondering planking, please watch this first. I'll share some of my tips, and then click over to my Postpartum Workouts to try a variety of DRA-friendly workouts that will help you build the core strength to get back to planking.

If you have have a burning fitness question for me- please reach out directly here or reach out on my Instagram. I recently started an "ask me anything" on my stories and I love hearing from you!


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