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Q&A : what can I do about DRA when I'm "Post-Post Partum??"

Guys I get this question ALL the time. Seriously. Diastasis is not "solveable" only within your first 6 months after having a baby. This is something I feel in non-postpartum people, so you are very very not alone here!

I realize that most of us are completely exhausted and sometimes it's easier to visualize these concepts rather than read about them. SO I decided to make a video for you instead of writing.

A little breakdown of what I'm covering today:

1:12- A Little Postpartum Mindset Shift

2:30 What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis and why is this an important to address in training and exercise?

Three Things You Can Do Today to Reduce a Diastasis and Strengthen Your Core!

4:20 - Breathing

5:20 -What is a "Significant" DRA and How to Check

6:52 - Posture

8:54 - Activating and Strengthening your TVA

9:34- Best Practices for Checking your TVA contractability

Helpful links I mention in this video:

Quick video to address DRA, posture, breathing, and activating your TVA:

Breathing for your pelvic floor and core:

HUUUUGGE thank you to Rachel for submitting your question!

Comment below with any question about this video and Contact me Here to submit one for yourself!


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