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5 ways to not lose your mind this holiday season

Every single one of my mom-friends are not okay right now.

This is our least favorite time of the year, where we go down a running slide of overwhelm and panic trying to create the “Best Holiday Ever!!!” for our kiddos. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. I love parties, dressing up, getting gifts, baking until midnight, and all of the chaos that comes with toddlers at Christmas. But let’s be honest, I’m exhausted!!! I feel like most of us have some form of PTSD from last year, and the pandemic still isn't over.

Here are 5 Tips that I've been working on all year that have helped me stay sane. If you have one that has helped you, please share it in the comments below!

1- Make a Calendar and Stick to it.

(Yes, you will get everything done!)

We have a massive whiteboard calendar that I swear by. It has every holiday party, school activity, doctors appointment, and date that I can think of. Here's the best part, you don't have to fill every date, and you don't have to commit to things you don't actually want to attend. I know pen+paper lists don't work for everyone, there are lots of apps you can use, but I like a physical calendar where I can see everything and show the kids what our plans are.

Once I have it in the calendar I can set an alert on my phone with the 5 other things I'll need for each event to remind me at least 2 days before. (For example, wrap the gift, find the birth certificate, you get the idea.)

2- Create a Self-Care Routine that's Sustainable

Friday became my solid self-care day during covid. There wasn’t anywhere to go, so I would make a tradition of soaking in a tub, changing my nail polish with a facemask (the fun kind) on, etc. It’s divine. There will be lots of parties and fun things, so I might move that specific night based on the week, but it’s in my calendar.

Schedule the massage, make a weekly Yoga night, and get at least 20 minutes of exercise in so you don’t lose your own needs in the chaos of the season. Self-care can also be setting aside time to make dentist appointments, it doesn't need to be time-consuming or fancy, but it needs to happen.

3- The Five Minute Pickup

For whatever reason, I go crazy when the house is messy, (and honestly I’m usually the culprit). This trick has helped me all year when we were moving and in a lot of chaos.

Here's how I do it:

Pop in a podcast or a playlist and set a timer for 5 minutes.

Grab a storage box and a trash can.

Do one lap of the room to pick up any trash (be merciless), and another to toss whatever isn’t in its place in the box.

If you have extra time use it to dust, sweep, wipe, or decorate.

In five minutes you’ll usually be able to return all items to its rightful place and if not, at least it’s off the surface. I’ll do the same 5 minute timer to clean my bathrooms, organize my pantry, and rearrange my closets.

4- Embrace What You Love, Drop What You Don't

Things like shopping or trimming the tree with toddlers always sound a lot more fun than they actually are. After the year we've all had, it's time to cut some corners. If you hate doing Christmas cards, don’t do them! If you loathe hosting or cooking, order it instead. We’ve all had a fuckery of a year and no one worth your time will judge you for it.

That all being said, try to put your energy into what you actually love doing and be fully present for those moments.

5- Exercise! (Obviously! Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, bust anxiety, and is the best/ cheapest/ most underused anti-depressant of all time!)

When you're feeling stressed out, take a movement break for 2 minutes. Even a short walk, 10 minute core workout, or simple squat break can boost your mood, give you more energy, and clear your head. Keep your routine up as much as you can, I promise it will make the day-to-day much more enjoyable.

Want more or need modifications? I've got you. Click here to get in my calendar for a free 20-minute consultation on how I can help you create a fitness and wellness routine you can stick with.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Please share your tips in the comments below!!!


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