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The 15 Minute Postpartum Stretch & Strengthen Program

We all know the first few months with a newborn are tough.

Especially when it comes to finding balance between

recovering from delivering your baby and undertaking the

physical demands of motherhood.

Many of us get "cleared" at 6 weeks Postpartum... but what does that even mean?

After training Pregnant and Postpartum Women for over 10 years, I was extremely disappointed with the lack of information and guidance provided by my own doctor. We simply aren't given the tools we need for a safe recovery after having a baby.

I created this program after my own postpartum "clearance". My goal is to set a solid foundation of strength via breathing and foundational techniques for the core, build my upper back, strengthen my recovering pelvis, and stretch the areas that were compromising my alignment and robbing my core of a proper recovery.

This program includes some of the techniques I use for my Cesarean delivery, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, and Diastasis Recti-affected clients. So yes, it's all safe, but please go at your own pace and make any modifications as you see fit.

You can also view this workout, and plenty of others on my workouts page

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