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Pregnancy Need to Know- Exercise in the First Trimester

Congratulations, you're pregnant!

The first trimester is an exciting time, but it's certainly not the easiest. You're thrilled (or shocked) with your news, but you probably won't tell people for another 2-3 months. You might be experiencing some telltale symptoms of pregnancy, or feeling somewhat normal. Every pregnancy is different, so no need to fret either way.

If you are a regular exerciser, you will need to make some minor adjustments to your workout. Below are some hard facts about trimester one, and what you can do to set the stage for a healthy pregnancy.

Here are the basics :

1) You do not need any additional calories in the first trimester

2) You do not need to modify your strength training routine in the first trimester, unless your body tells you otherwise. Continue to lift weights, lay on your back, and deadlift as your heart desires. Just keep lots of water nearby and watch for signs that you're working too hard, or overheating.

3) For your cardiovascular workouts, you may need to scale back. Your body is already making additional blood for your berry-sized baby, which may result in dizziness and fatigue. Check in with a 1-10 scale and stay below a 7. If you can breathe deeply or talk, you're good. (Both of my indoor cycling programs can be easily modified and are perfectly safe for all stages of pregnancy. Click here to get your copy!)

4) Check out a Pilates class. Pilates exercises are perfect to strengthen your core, and you can do all of them at this point. Once your belly starts to grow you won't be able to do the hundreds, bicycle crunches, or leg raises without modification, so if you're looking to strengthen your core and learn some pregnancy-friendly workouts, check it out now.

5) You know this already, you will need to start taking a prenatal as soon as you test positive. (Ideally you'll start popping these when you're trying.) Modify your diet and eliminate foods deemed dangerous by the FDA.

6) The recommended weight gain during these first few months is only 1-5 lbs, but don't let this stress you out.. Many women report losing weight thanks to lack of appetite, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If you're one of those women, your doctor will most likely tell you it's fine. There's plenty of time to make up for it! I've had clients gain 10lbs, lose 10lbs, gain nothing, etc. Your body will put the weight on when it needs it. Just keep taking your prenatal (it's for you, not the baby) so you get your nutritional needs met, and don't worry about weight gain or loss!

8) Most women experience some mean-fatigue in their first trimester, and you should honor that. If anything feels too intense, skip it. Let your body rest when it needs to. Avoid exercise-induced nausea, dizziness, and overheating by sticking to a 1-7 on your 1-10 scale and keeping lots of water and some snacks in your gym bag.

Was this helpful? Anything you'd like to add please leave in a comment below!

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