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The most boring week of the year...

Happy New Year's Week!

First of all, I hope you had a WONDERFUL holiday season! We spent this year with my husband's family in Michigan, mostly staring at our one-year-old niece. What a fun age!

So... we're still here... snowed in.

Which would have been AWESOME if it was exactly one week ago.

I don't know about you.... but the past 2 weeks have been an absolute blur. I barely finished all of my errands before boarding our Christmas Eve flight and had to rush a few items days before Christmas. Being able to fly and spend quality time is an incredible blessing and I wouldn't miss it for the world, but it makes for an extra layer of stress for sure!

What a difference a week can make.

This week, typically, is known for being one of the most boring weeks of the year. It's just a little too snug between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

If you're like me, you exist in a space of "cheetah" and "slug".

Either I'm rushing around, checking things of my list like a boss or I'm a full-on Netflix and chill for 6 hours. I'm really bad at finding my energy balance, which is something I'm going to work on next year :)

So, here are my plans for this week (I hope they help)

1- Let's build some momentum.

Rather than "slug out" the rest of 2015- let's set our best intentions for 2016. Now that we can finally calm down, let's use this time to really focus on what it is we want, and start working on it!

Why wait until January to get organized? If you have the time, start emptying closets. This can be some of the best times to find your favorite group fitness classes or try meal prepping if you haven't already.

Start building your perfect year before it even starts.

2- Let's Reflect

Take a minute and put me on pause.... what were your BEST moments of 2015? Spending time with family? Taking some time off? A project where you totally just nailed it? The birth or discovery of your new little one?

This is my favorite NYE ritual, and I'd love to do it before it even starts. Write down your 10 favorite memories and think of everything that made you feel completely fulfilled and grateful.

What can you do to make more better memories? Write this down.

3. Let's get a little judgey

Okay, this is the hard part, but it won't be too painful, I promise :)

Time to dust off the bad stuff... What in 2015 did NOT go your way? Did you see it coming? Was it in your control? If it was- what could you have done that you might not have?

I'll share- I know the dark stuff straight up sucks...

This year I had a really difficult time saying NO. To people, to occasions, to work events that I really didn't need to be at, to things that only crowded my calendar and prevented me from spending more quality time with the people I love. Yes, it was in my control, and I should have stopped it sooner.

4. Lets give ourself a present

Look, how much time did you spend doing things for others this month.... don't you think you also deserve something???!

(Guess what? I think you do :)

As most of us have time off this week (or help getting help this week), give yourself some YOU TIME.

Here are some of my favorites that won't cost you a dime:

  1. Take a hot soak

  2. Toss some marshmallows in hot cocoa and go for a walk

  3. Cuddle up to your favorite novel or magazine

  4. Try that new recipe you've always wanted to try

  5. Empty that drawer or closet that's been driving you crazy and donate it to charity before 2015 ends

  6. Call an old friend

  7. Put on a Podcast (like... the new Serial!!) and hop on a stationary bike or go for a walk

  8. Make something. Paint a picture, draw in your adult-coloring book, try a new or old craft you enjoy

  9. Give yourself a spa day- try a facemask or at-home pedicure

  10. Fix yourself some tea and go through old photos

I hope you have an AMAZING day come Thursday and have some really fun memories of 2015 to send you soaring into the New Year.

I will be posting a workout for you soon, so please be on the lookout and hit me up for any fitness related questions that I can answer on the blog! For workouts from this year please go HERE.

What are your favorite ways to wrap up the year? Share it below in the comments section!

xo SA

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