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Getting the most out of group fitness

Taking group fitness classes can be one of the best ways to boost your fitness routine and get the most out of any gym membership. Classes can motivate you to push yourself further than normal, try new exercises and fitness products, and stay on a consistent gym routine. Here are some tips to get the most out of your classes.

Show up early Aim to get to class 10 minutes early. You’ll have a chance to meet the instructor, set up any equipment, and select a comfortable spot in the class. **If you are pregnant you should be in the front, near a fan, and a comfortable distance from your classmates. * Rushing in last minute, robs you of the chance to physically and mentally prepare for class.

Get to know your instructor They’re there to help! Don’t be shy to introduce yourself and tell your teacher what your fitness goals are. If your workout buddy bails, you’ll always have someone there to cheer you on. Plus, they can help you modify your workouts.

Let your instructor know if you have injuries, Pregnant, or Post-Natal If you’re coming back from a long break from the gym or have an injury, tell your instructor. No one wants to feel pushed too hard or get hurt. Any trainer worth their salt will give you extra attention and make sure you have the modifications or alternative equipment you need to workout safely.

Be prepared! Always come with a water bottle or workout towel (if the gym doesn’t provide them). Bring sunscreen for sunny outdoor classes and make sure you have any equipment or clothing necessary before class. Taking a spin class? Call ahead to see if you need to bring or rent spinning shoes for class. Most gyms will loan out shoes for a fee, but good to know beforehand if you should bring anything extra.

Make a financial and scheduling commitment Some classes are expensive. However, you’re less likely to bail if you’re paying top dollar to reserve a spot and there is a cancellation fee. Purchase a package of classes rather than paying individually. This will encourage you to use your classes, and most gyms offer a discounted rate when you purchase in bulk.

Go at your own pace Don’t be intimidated if you’re starting something new or have injuries that you need to modify. Everyone is working at their own pace and are there to have fun. There is no need to be self-conscious in a group fitness class, people are typically focused on themselves and their own fitness. Be friendly, respectful, and you might just make a new gym buddy!

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