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Take One Thing OFF Your To-Do List

"Exercise is not a Chore - it's an Escape" - a direct quote from one of my clients (full-time account exec and mother of 2)

Sometimes, (and I'm certainly guilty of this... I'm human), we add exercise to our to-do list like anything else. Something we chug along to between drop offs, pushing the stubborn grocery cart, and gulps of coffee.

When we go, we're somewhere else. We're replying to Facebook posts between sets from our favorite over-sharing friends, watching television on the elliptical, and simultaneously responding and ignoring our inbox. Before we know it, we're done and on to the next task.

For ONE day this week (because I know how overloaded most of you are), unplug completely. Turn your phone on airplane mode or leave it in your locker.

Use this time to just be present. Focus on the reps, your form, and your breathing. Let everything go. Where else in your life can you just focus on YOU? You, getting stronger, healthier, and better?

Sometimes a shift in our focus does wonders for our perspective.

Now, I'm off to a workout :)


​Sarah Ann

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