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Baby's first workout

We are back in business!

To be perfectly honest I thought I would be more excited to get back into the swing of things. Sure, I'm thrilled that everything checked out okay at my OB/ GYN and that I can start doing my own postpartum workouts.

Here are some of the exercises that I chose to start off with :

(In no particular order, and let's be real here, there were lots of interruptions!)

Bridges with yoga ball between knees

  • Seated adduction with yoga ball (pictured above)

  • Alternating reverse crunches

  • Modified dead bug

  • Oblique twists with stretch hold

  • Modified tricep pushups (my plan was to do these against a wall... but as I don't have any diastasis recti and my arms are pretty strong from holding Finn all day, I was able to bang a few reps out of the harder stuff)

  • Pallof Presses with BabyFinn (you can watch a quick video here)

If you have trained with me before, you know how much I stress starting slow. I realize now how completely important it is, not only from a trainer's perspective, but as a new mom who is too exhausted to think about my old workouts. These exercises can all be done on the floor and with a yoga ball or yoga mat. Two reasons I did this:

1- I can easily add Finn to my workouts. He gets tummytime and I can roll over and make sure he's okay.

2- Minimal equipment= minimal clean up!

I'd love to hear your feedback! Were you able to mix tummytime with your workout at all this week?

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