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This is one of my favorite exercises for new moms! It's a play on the traditional "superman" exercise, but adds additional engagement of the latissimus dorsi and erector spinae.

check out my amazing supermomma, Theresa!

As you can see, there are lot of muscles that contribute to the back:

And many of them get activated during a simple superman, but adding that additional lift and curl of the elbow towards the ribs will recruit more muscles. (You know I'm all about the extra "bang for your buck" when it comes to working out!)

Obviously, you will skip this after you start showing, if you're pregnant. These are safe for your first trimester, but otherwise wait until you're post that 6-week rest period after having a baby. I love these because they're so gentle and really target the muscles we need the most!

This is one of the exercises that I've included in my "Build a Beautiful Back program".

Click on the video or follow the link here:

For a simple 45 minute workout (that you can also break into 5-10 minute chunks if you're short on time) that will target your entire body and help you build a strong, sexy back, check out my latest program!

In this workout you'll:

  • Break a serious sweat

  • Tone every muscle in your body, and definitely build your back

  • Challenge your core in a gentle way that's safe for postpartum

  • Learn simple, easy-to-follow circuits that you can do as stand-alone workouts if you've only got a few minutes

If you're looking for a customized program you can do at home or the gym that's specific to your needs as a momma, contact me here.

I offer an online training program with personalized workout videos, weekly accountability calls, the support of a private facebook group full of moms just like you, and additional nutrition and lifestyle support.

Did you try the SuperMomma progression? Let me know what you think!!


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