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WAKE THE F* UP! (How to get in your workouts when you're *exhausted*)


I see you, Momma. Dark circles under your eyes, barely moving on your elliptical. Struggling in the back of the classroom where you were the one who set the pace for everyone else... The first and "fourth" trimester can be a bitch... and no one can truly understand the new level of straight up exahustion that begins immediately after that stripe turns blue and lasts up until they graduate kindergarden.

Here's the deal.

You still need to move. Even more that you did before you got all pregnant. Your second trimester is typically the "best" time to exercise and you have got to use it while you can.

It doesn't matter whether you're just cleared for exercise or your kids are in middle school, your health and fitness is more important than it ever was before. A) you're not sleeping in anyway, so you might as well just get it done and B) you have got to set an example for your kids.

Go lace up. Here are my tips:

Start lying down

Yup, you can start with your modified core workouts (use a swiss ball or incline bench for these after you've finished your first trimester). Use these to wake yourself up before you go grab the heavy stuff.

Crank up those headphones

And make yourself the best friggin playlist in the world. Music has shown to increase your energy and mood during exercise, and you can use the rythm of the beat to set the pace.

Drink Water

Good old H20 will keep you hydrated and energized throughout your day and prevent you from overheating while you workout. If you're avoiding coffee- this is the next best thing for you.

Keep yourself accountable

Set a date with a friend, book a class, or hire a professional. If you're extroverted or competitive, you'll be more likely to push yourself if you're with a group.

Give yourself a 15 minute window

If you still feel like butt(dizzy, groggy, nauseated = butt) after 15 minutes, go stretch and do your core exercises. Particularly in the earlier stages of pregnancy and soon after resuming exercise after delivery you get a break - you're more prone to injury and it's just not worth the risk.

Workout at home

The gym is not the place to hide your pregnancy. If you feel like it's going to be too obvious when you're modifying your workouts- do them at home. I have plenty of guides for you (see to do with minimal equipment and are 100% safe for pregnancy and post-natal workouts. You'll be able to swap travel time for extra shut-eye.

*Tip- tell your gym-buddies that you're training for something and have to skip your normal gym attendance for runnning/ cycling time.


Let's GO!

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