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Hi, I'm Sarah Ann. This is my story: 












How I Became a Trainer: From Last-Picked to Half-Iron



I performed in musical theatre growing up, and tap-dancing was my only form of exercise.

Want to know what happens when you combine lack of strength with lots of impact?



"Bi-femoral chrondromalacial patellar syndrome"



                    .... which is the fancy way of saying I royally effed up my knees with permanent cartilage damage. My first exercise routine was in physical therapy. I was told running was not in my future. (At the time running was a form of punishment- so trust me, I wasn't sad about it!) 


So, I started working out.


Yes, for my knees, but mostly so I'd look cute in my prom dress. Turns out, I LOVE to exercise. My tilted kneecaps, internally rotated hips and mild lordosis changed my life for the better. 


I found that exercise wasn't just a way to look good 

- it made me feel good.


Living a fit life helped me

embrace my shy, awkward self and develop a

confident, positive, and daring attitude.


Exercise has taught me that if you work hard you can do anything... Like marathons, triathlons, and 70.3 races.


It took a lot of work, but doing something you're told you 

could never do does wonders for your outlook. 


Official Bio:


Sarah Ann Kelly is an award-winning fitness professional who specializes in pregnancy and post-natal fitness. Her other specialties included Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Group Fitness Conditioning, Balance (BOSU and StrongBoard), and group fitness instruction. She has developed several fitness products, services, and programs (details on request) to make fitness accessible for all individuals. Her personal fitness accomplishments include triathlons, half-marathons, and half-Ironman events. 















10 Fun Facts About Me: 


1- I am a New England Native

(yes to being a Patriots fan, no to having the accent...)


2- I'm a lefty.


3-I'm terrible at like, every sport. I never played sports as a kid and I'm horrifically uncoordinated outside of choreography. 


4- When I started working out I thought it would be SO cool to teach group fitness but it literally terrified me. It took me over 10 years from that "hey that could be a cool job" to actually teaching    


5- I'm an only kid. My cousins are like my sisters. 


6- My favorite colors are purple and grey- which is why they're all over this site


7- Reading is my favorite sport. 


8- I've been a pescetarian for almost 20 years. 


9- Elle Woods is my spirit animal


10- I'm a Syracuse Grad (go ORANGE!) and double-majored in Psychology and Theatre. 


If you have read this far, I'm impressed :) Do we have anything in common? Leave me a comment! 







Not a Doctor... 
But I have played
one on TV! 
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