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Fitness Equipment


Yes, I train most of my clients at home. No- building your own home gym doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars. Here are my most favorite peices of exercise equipment that won't cost you much. 


  • A soft pair of dumbells

    • I like these because they won't hurt your hands

    • They are super durable and don't rust

    • They're great to workout with your rings on 

  • LINK


  • Heart rate monitor

    • you want something that has a strap so you can use treadmills

    • i prefer waterproof so i can swim

  • Balance products

    • StrongBoard balance

  • Swiss ball

  • Resistance bands

  • Yoga mat

  • yoga block

  • pilates ball 






fitness products

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The amazon affiliate program


Full disclosure. 


I am an amazon affiliate. For all items that link to amazon via the link I receive 10% of the total cart. There is no cost to you or the product owner or seller. This is simply a way for me to help fund momtrainer and continue producing the best content available for free. More details and to join- click here: 


What makes something a favorite? 


I promise to not recommend something I have not personally used unless otherwise specified. I will however, shamelessly and fully promote my favorite people, provided they have won myself or my clients over. 


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