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Prenatal Mini Exercise Series

Prenatal Mini Exercise Series

Pregnant, short on time, and want the best workout for your trimester? 

I've got you, mama! 


This mini-exercise series includes 4 workouts you can do at home, with minimal equipment, and won't take you a ton of time. 


When you purchase this program you'll get access to a workouts that I've sent clients over the years and used myself during each of my pregnancies. You'll also get some great bonus videos, PDFs, and useful tricks for your healthiest pregnancy yet! 


This Program Includes: 


4 Workout Videos: 


First Trimester Pilates Sculpt 


This full-body workout will have you teach you the best moves for your core and pelvic floor that you will use for pregnancy and beyond. The best part? You can do the whole thing while laying down. 


Second Trimester Cardio


Let's take advantage of your energy and get your sweat on without any equipment! You'll do low-impact exercises that work your whole body. Learn the best ways to move when you don't have a ton of time and want to get a great workout in!

Second/ Third Trimester Band Sculpt


All you need is a band and a mat for this all-over sculpting workout. You'll work the areas you'll need for delivery and parenthood, like your pelvic floor, glutes, and upper back. Perfect for the end of your second and start of your third trimester. 


Third Trimester Push Prep  + Arms


Time to get ready for labor! I'll teach you some of my favorite exercises for a smoother delivery and prep your upper body for lugging around carseats! You'll need a swiss ball, a band or some light weights for this one. 



A copy of my Trimester Guide to Fitness Ebook - which covers all of the guidelines and ways to modify exercise throughout your pregnancy.


A weekly workout tracker so you can plan to actually get all of this done. 


A printable card you can take to the gym or keep in your stroller in case of emergency. 


3 Bonus Videos for Postpartum:


How to videos for Core Breathing (strengthening your deepest core muscles for pregnancy and beyond)


 Strengthening and Lengthening your Pelvic Floor (do this instead of Kegels)


How to Get Up without straining your abs and protecting your pelvic floor. 


You'll get lifetime access to all of these with no subscription needed. Simply enter your private password and click on the video to follow along at home, while traveling, or at the gym. Each video is under 30 minutes, so perfect for busy working mommas or during naptimes. 


I've worked with hundreds of mommas and mommas-to-be for over a decade. I know how overwhelming pregnancy can be, so I created this quick program to be easy, effective, and modifiable for all bodies. You deserve to feel strong, confident, and capable going into delivery and parenting, and I'm happy to be a part of your journey! 



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