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Personal Training Package - 5 sessions

Personal Training Package - 5 sessions

Want me all to yourself and love saving $$$?

If you're in it to win it, I see your commitment to yourself, and I think you deserve a little reward :)

Save $75 off when you book 5 sessions!

Each session is 75 minutes long, but you get more accountability and access to my exercise arsenal between sessions. I'll send you a detailed follow-up email of everything we've discussed and worked on after each workout. 


More details please visit "train with me" under the contacts page.

  • How to book me


    1. Please visit my booking page to book your time. 

    2. You should receive an email from me with more information and *hopefully* brought you to this page :) 

    3. Now you can go ahead and book! Purchase a package to save some $$$ OR you can use paypal. I also accept Chase Quickpay and cash. After your first session with me you'll be able to write me checks. 

    4. Please complete 2 surveys (new clients only) 

    PAR-Q and PT Waiver (This one is manditory... I will need you to complete this before we train together... it takes no more than 5 minutes, promise!) 

    What do you want to work on? (Optional Survey to show me what your goals are so we can get the MOST out of training together)

    5. Now go pick out your outfit and drink some water! 


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