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summertime kitchen sink salad

30 minutes

This past Summer was a little nuts for us... My husband and I had 5 weddings to attend, and being that we are from different parts of the country... there was a LOT of travel. One of these weddings was held on a golf course in Michigan, and it is probably one of my all-time favorites. (Congratulations, Sasha & Joe!) We stayed on the property and had the good fortune of great hosts who let us do whatever we wanted in the kitchen and outdoor patio. 


The night before the rehearsal dinner was fairly quiet, so naturally we set up a campfire, lit a grill, and set off some fireworks :) I made this as a side (I think the boys made grilled chicken? I'm sure it'd go well with other meat stuff...? I think it would be amazing with some edamame or tofu for a little extra protein. 


I hope you enjoy it to complement a similarly wonderful evening ! xo 

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