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The Strong & Sexy Back Workout

The Strong & Sexy Back Workout

This workout will sculpt your entire body in 45 minutes with extra oomph on your backside. You'll tone and sculpt your muscles in a series of quick circuits you can do at home or the gym. 


In this easy to follow PDF with descriptions and pictures, you'll complete 3 circuits designed to help you sweat, shred, and sculpt. Don't have the full 45 minutes? You can easily break this program down into three 5-10 minute workouts depending on how you're feeling. 


Why is a "total body workout" when it's focusing on my back? 

The answer is simple... because your back is a part of your total body. Truly effective training is functional, meaning, it supports the activities we do every day as moms.


Another added benefit? You will burn more calories (and save time!) by challenging multiple muscle groups, all while bulding a strong and sculpted back. 


Download your copy today and get moving, momma!

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